Receive your visitors with a smile,
even virtually

  • Welcome clients and partners at various locations at the same time
  • Contact via our receptionist or your own 
  • Customisable platform to suit your needs
  • Affordable all-inclusive monthly subscriptions with no start-up costs

As a large company, you have to maintain a lot of contacts, and that’s not always easy. No need to worry: our virtual video reception ensures that you are always available for any business contact visiting your company. Personal and efficient.

Welcome all your visitors with only one employee, at one or several locations. In this way, you have direct contact with your visitors, without any extra time or effort on your part. 

How does it work? You can choose that yourself. For example, you can use the Memo application with a button on your website. Or you can have a separate column or tablet in your entrance hall, where the video reception is linked to a personalised platform. Using your own receptionist, or Memo’s. In this way, you can be available to all your contacts 24/7.

‘Rabobank was looking for a partner that takes the time to help customers, because we set great store by customer satisfaction and service. At Memo they do take that time and respond to the customer’s needs. They are friendly to customers and good at first call resolution.’

Cathérine Hamelinck - Customer Care Manager
More than

years of experience in customer care for companies of all sizes

  • A personalised welcome at one or more locations, albeit not a physical one.
  • With your own employees or (in combination with) our Memo teams 
  • Optional part-time support during busy times
  • Automatic visitor registration via the (personalised) portal
  • Direct connection between your website and reception

Let us know how we can strengthen your customer service

We are a division of your team, who speak your language and understand your customers. Our customer service operators ensure your customers are satisfied every step of the way, projecting your company image in a professional manner.

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