Dealing with questions, orders and interventions proactively when you are not available yourself

  • Resolving urgent interventions
  • Never missing out on sales
  • Complete solutions around the clock according to your ways of working

Ensure that you are available 24/7 for orders and interventions without needing to recruit extra people or work day and night. Our self-managing teams take over your dispatching whenever you wish and ensure all requests, orders and urgent interventions are dealt with in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Modular or 24/7 availability through various channels (online, e-mail, call center etc.)
  • Self-managing teams with dedicated operators who know exactly what you expect of them in every situation
  • Activation of technicians, order entry, dispatching or ticketing through your system
  • Clear instructions for technicians or other parties
  • Empathic skills to solve even the most critical situations
  • Complete transparency and flexibility with our user-friendly memoweb portal

‘Memo does the dispatching for our courier service outside office hours and at the weekend. They use our systems to dispatch orders through to a driver and track the entire process in order to provide clear, fast assistance to the customer. For us this was also the most economical solution: outsourcing saves us three extra employees.’  

Patrick Proesmans - Manager
ASX-Ibeco NV
More than

years of experience with small or medium enterprises

  • Experience with complex requests and problems in many industries
  • Dedicated operators who have experience and expertise in dispatching and order management
  • Professional approach on every channel your customers use to contact you
  • Advice on how to optimize your processes 

How do we become a partner to your company?

  • 1


    One of our staff visits you in person to draw up personalized work instructions and procedures.

  • 2


    Memo matches the operator’s profile to your needs and selects the team that best suits your industry and way of working.

  • 3


    The allocated operators receive thorough training in your ways of working, your systems and your culture.

  • 4


    We set up your online memoweb account so that you have a dashboard you can access via a browser or our app. This enables you to monitor all calls and processing in a transparent, interactive manner and to give immediate feedback.

Let us know how we can strengthen your Support & Dispatch

We are not an answering machine, but more like a division of your company that also takes suitable action right away.

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