Dockx Group
Sarah Dockx, Support CEO

Dockx Group offers total solutions for the rental of vehicles, removals, transport, logistics and shipping. ​

The challenge

We want to offer all our customers good quality and service at peak times. Because our own call centre could not cope with all the overflow, we went in search of a partner to act as an extension to our own service. 

The solution

Memo supports our rental services in the mornings and evenings, during our peak times. The call center agents take messages that we look at afterwards on a very user-friendly platform, Memoweb.

We put a huge amount of time into explaining how everything works here, and Memo is really good at that. They project the philosophy that we aim to project as a company. At large call centers you are often just a number, but for Memo you are a real partner.

We expect Memo to deliver the same quality as our own people and to think along with our customers. It is important that our partners grow with us, since the rental business is a sector with its own specific features. By conducting very extensive talks in advance and fully explaining what kind of company we are and what a diverse range of customers we have, Memo were able to gain a thorough understanding of our business. After a while, they got used to the requests that come in. They even train our people to answer the telephones.

In comparison to large call centers, Memo really does have dedicated teams. This is how the call agents have succeeded in becoming an extension of our company.

We are setting up a new internal call center that can make reservations using an ERP package. Memo is helping us to make a good job of implementing that as well.

The result

  • People who call us do not notice any difference between a Memo call agent and someone from Dockx.
  • Customer friendliness is an important way of setting ourselves apart in the market and we attach great importance to it. We do regular random tests and monitor Memo’s real-time dashboard daily.
  • Memo helps us think things through so that we can optimize our services. We test new ideas together before they are rolled out. 

Sarah Dockx, Dockx Group