This is what our customers say

‘Friendly and professional approach: 1/3 of the calls (questions unrelated to on-call service) are filtered out, which means less stress, a quieter on-call shift and a better night’s sleep for our members. It is absolutely worth the investment.’

Johan Brusseleers - Chairman, ZHORG

‘A 24/7 service is a top priority for our cooling installations, and we have been working with Memo for 23 years. We still work with the same people and can rest assured that the right action will be taken and our promises to the customers will be fulfilled.’

Luc Van Raemdonck - CEO of Arco NV

‘Memo means far more to Melitta than a call answering service, virtual office and call center for our fully automated espresso machines. It is a team of enthusiastic, flexible and committed staff who have immersed themselves completely in Melitta’s culture, mastered knowledge of the products and provide a high level of service.
What is more, the impressive level of motivation among the Memo staff means that the staff at Melitta see them as real colleagues.’

Inge Hoorens - Marketing Manager Benelux, MELITTA

‘Memo does the dispatching for our courier service outside office hours and at the weekend. They use our systems to dispatch orders through to a driver and track the entire process in order to provide clear, fast assistance to the customer. For us this was also the most economical solution: outsourcing saves us three extra employees.’  

Patrick Proesmans - Manager, ASX-Ibeco NV

‘Following up the correct procedures when equipment gives an alarm signal is a complex area requiring considerable human knowledge. The Memo operators have the required experience, they know what is what, they can adapt easily and you can trust them 100%.’  


‘Rabobank was looking for a partner that takes the time to help customers, because we set great store by customer satisfaction and service. At Memo they do take that time and respond to the customer’s needs. They are friendly to customers and good at first call resolution.’

Cathérine Hamelinck - Customer Care Manager, RABOBANK

‘There is a consumer number for our baby food line Novalac that mothers can always call with any questions they may have. To guarantee 24/7 coverage and professional, consistent recording of all incoming calls, we use Memo. They know all the ingredient lists, changes and possible side effects of the products and reassure parents with the right information.’

Lieven Huysse - Medical Director EMEA, INTRINSIC THERAPEUTICS