Service Desk Employee (Zele)

Tasks & responsibilities

  • You maintain telephone and written contact according to the customer’s instructions, in several languages
  • You deal with all the incoming calls entrusted to you
  • You make reports in our innovative system and/or in the customer’s system
  • You provide appropriate, friendly service tailored to your customers
  • You enjoy contributing your own innovative ideas to improve the functioning of the team
  • You are enthusiastic and motivated to help achieve our group and organizational goals

Qualifications & skills

  • You have a good knowledge of languages (NL, FR, EN, DE+)
  • You are accurate and focused on results
  • You prioritize quality
  • You are good at customer-focused communication
  • You can type quickly without errors
  • You have good computer skills and are able to learn new IT systems quickly
  • You have at least a certificate of secondary education

Who are you?

  • As a flexible and talented person, you are looking forward to a job with both varied tasks and varied hours
  • You are not looking for a nine-to-five job
  • You enjoying working independently and as part of a team
  • As an employee who is eager to learn, you look forward to discovering our systems and you are willing to work on your personal development
  • Your spontaneous, friendly and polite attitude is infectious to both colleagues and customers
  • You are resistant to stress and a born multitasker
  • You have a positive attitude and love challenges

What can we offer you?

  • As an innovative and progressive company in terms of technology, we offer a competitive salary with numerous extra benefits.
  • Memo gives you the opportunity to earn more with a bonus system.
    Do you want to work part time or full time? There are all kinds of possibilities thanks to our 24/7 service.
  • We provide tailored coaching and training for ongoing personal development.
    We offer you a flexible, dynamic, responsible job in a self-managing team.
  • There is always free fresh fruit, and a friendly group lunch on Tuesdays.
    We are easily reachable and already look forward to meeting you soon.

Apply now:


In this team, you provide services to our ‘medical’ customers. You deal with medical calls for GPs, specialists or medical companies. With your strong empathic skills, you can help patients and provide suitable services to the customers of medical companies.


In this team, you provide services to companies. You mainly deal with technical calls, such as planning interventions, passing on orders, reporting tests, processing mail, informing customers of the services that the companies offer, and much more. You will use both our own software and our customers’ programs.