Receive your visitors with a smile,
even virtually

  • Welcome clients and partners at various locations at the same time
  • Contact via our receptionist or your own
  • Customisable platform according to your wishes
  • Affordable all-inclusive monthly subscriptions with no start-up costs

If you are an SME or self-employed, you come into contact with a range of people: from clients and suppliers to other business partners. Sometimes it can be difficult to handle all these contacts. Don’t worry: the virtual video reception ensures that you are always ready for everyone. Personal and efficient.

Welcome all your visitors with only one employee, at one or several locations. This ensures that you will be in direct contact with your business contacts, without any extra effort on your part. 

How can you integrate video reception into your business? You can choose that yourself. You can use this Memo tool with a button on your website. Or you can have a separate column or tablet in your entrance hall, where the video reception is linked to your personalised platform. Using your own receptionist, or Memo’s. In this way, you can be available for everyone 24/7.

‘A 24/7 service is a top priority for our cooling installations, and we have been working with Memo for 23 years. We still work with the same people and can rest assured that the right action will be taken and our promises to the customers will be fulfilled.’

Luc Van Raemdonck - CEO of Arco NV
More than

years of experience with small or medium enterprises

  • A personalised welcome at one or more locations, albeit not a physical one. 
  • With your own employees or (in combination with) our specialised Memo teams 
  • Part-time support during busier periods
  • Automatic visitor registration via the portal
  • Direct connection between your website and the reception

Let us know how you want us to handle your virtual reception.

We will not man your reception with impersonal robots. Memo will provide a warm and personalised welcome, virtually.

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