24/7 dealing with requests, orders and interventions so that you always fulfill your customer promises

  • Never miss out on sales
  • Resolve urgent interventions
  • 24/7 follow-up according to your business procedures and SLAs
  • Activation of technicians, order entry or ticketing with various software systems

Bring in an efficient, flexible service to take over or support your customer service temporarily or around the clock. Thanks to a combination of state-of-the-art technology, flexibility and a thorough, customized approach, we ensure all requests, orders and urgent interventions are dealt with proactively.

  • Neutral partner in fulfilling your SLAs
  • Self-managing teams with dedicated operators who know your business procedures through and through
  • Clear instructions to technicians or other third parties and dispatch
  • Modular or 24/7 cross-channel availability (online, e-mail, call center, etc.)
  • Complete transparency and flexibility with our user-friendly memoweb portal

‘Following up the correct procedures when equipment gives an alarm signal is a complex area requiring considerable human knowledge. The Memo operators have the required experience, they know what is what, they can adapt easily and you can trust them 100%.’  

More than

years of experience with customer care for companies of all sizes

  • Experience with complex requests and problems
  • Our operators have extensive language skills and the qualifications to back them up
  • Professional tone of voice on every channel your customers want to use to contact you
  • Proactive contributions to optimizing your processes
  • Experience with the integration and use of your software system 

How does Memo become a division of your business, guaranteeing your customer experience?

  • 1


    One of our staff visits you in person to draw up personalized work instructions and procedures.

  • 2


    Memo matches the operator’s profile to your needs and selects the team that best suits your industry and way of working.

  • 3


    The allocated operators receive thorough training in your ways of working, your systems and your culture.

  • 4


    We set up your online memoweb account so that you have a dashboard you can access via a browser or our app. This enables you to monitor all calls and processing in a transparent, interactive manner and to give immediate feedback.

Let us know how we can strengthen your Support & Dispatch

We don’t just answer customers’ questions: we become a division of your company that takes suitable action at all times.

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