Linda Vercammen, Medical Information and Quality Manager

Sanofi is a pharmaceutical company that has diversified into health care. Sanofi‚Äôs core activities in Belgium are clinical development, registration, marketing, sales and distribution of prescription and non-prescription medicines. It also offers medical aids and innovative therapeutic solutions. 

The challenge

To meet its obligations with respect to the 2012 pharmacovigilance law, pharmaceutical companies have to arrange 24/7 availability. We used to organise the round-the-clock service ourselves, but different people dealt with it in different ways. Another disadvantage was that the calls were not centrally recorded. We went in search of a company that could take over the round-the-clock service, and which had the required knowledge of the issues involved. Not every call center knows the medical terminology and has the capacity to deal with the calls appropriately. When we met Christine from Memo, we knew we had found the right partner. Memo has been working in the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals for years, and has operators with specific pharmacovigilance training.

The solution

We brought Memo in to deal with all calls with general questions made to our general number, questions about clinical trials and also all questions concerning quality and pharmacovigilance. The operators verify the information they require from the patients in an appropriate manner and follow the prescribed procedures closely.

Centralisation of the number has given us a full overview of all calls. Memo works accurately and in detail, and in a very personalised way, which is completely unique. That is why, a while later, we decided to outsource calls from the Netherlands to them as well.

We conduct an annual audit at Memo to check the processes, work instructions and recordings in the system closely and test them for quality. We also organise our own mystery calls and check in real time on the online platform that Memo records the correct information and procedures. The reports are always positive, and we are highly satisfied with the partnership.  

The result

  • Legally compliant with the 24/7 pharmacovigilance legislation
  • All incoming calls dealt with appropriately and accurately
  • Completely transparent insight into the calls
  • Certainty that calls are recorded centrally

Linda Vercammen, Sanofi