Hotel Adagio
Hannelore Rosseeuw, Managing Director

Hotel Adagio is a child-friendly hotel in Knokke, run by two sisters called Hannelore and Geertrui. The three-star hotel offers rooms and breakfast a stone’s throw from the sea in a pleasant family atmosphere. 

The challenge

Running a hotel means being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for guests leaving or arriving, and after a while this began to take its toll. My sister and I used to be in charge of the phones ourselves at night.  My sister can go straight back to sleep, but I can’t. We called Memo in to make things easier on us.

The solution

We forward calls during the night. Memo takes all the calls from customers who are in the hotel, because for example they have forgotten their key, or customers who arrive late at night. Memo can open the door for them. Customers also call late at night to book a room or ask for a bottle of water. The people at Memo decide themselves if it is necessary to call us and get us out of bed.

When we first started working together, we sat down to discuss all the possible scenarios and see how Memo would react: when they were allowed to disturb us and when they were not.

When we went looking for a call center, Memo was the one we had the best feeling about so we decided to team up with them. We did a pilot first, and were very satisfied with the results so we opted to continue working with them.

The result

  • 24/7 receptionist services and availability for our customers
  • Peace of mind and a good night’s sleep for us

Hannelore Rosseeuw, Hotel Adagio