Dr Vandermotte, cardiologist

The doctor

Dr Vandermotte works as a cardiologist in general and interventional cardiology at the GZA hospital group in Antwerp. Besides his consultations in the hospital, the doctor also has two practices where he sees patients. 

The challenge

When Dr Vandermotte set up his private practice, he went in search of a partner. I was looking for someone who could provide a solution for managing my reception and appointments well, so it needed to be someone with experience in the medical sector. I am demanding, so I was looking for a partner who could sense when something was urgent and worth disturbing me, and when it was not. 

The solution

The way Memo is managed immediately appealed to me. Memo fully run the out-of-hours phone line, and also ensure that patients can make appointments online.

The people at Memo provide brief message management for the patients and ensure they know when they can contact me and how. When is it easy to get hold of me and when isn’t it? Memo has a very good feel for that and they also know when they can depart from protocols.  “We think that we need to disturb you for a moment.” And then they can do that. They do this very well.

They have an excellent feel for the informal aspect that is not set down in protocols. They also follow up my urgent appointments well. They schedule certain appointments autonomously, without contacting me. I am very demanding in that respect.

Speaking from experience of other, comparable virtual receptionist services, Memo is better in terms of value for money, even if other services are (sometimes) cheaper. 

The result

  • My two practices are managed extremely well and everything runs smoothly
  • Patients receive good assistance
  • As a doctor, I am only disturbed in genuinely urgent cases