Dr Selleslagh, cardiologist

The doctor

Dr Selleslagh works as the Head of Cardiology at Sint Jozef’s Clinic in Bornem, with a special interest in non-invasive cardiology and heart failure. Besides consultations at both of the hospital’s sites, the doctor also has a practice in Londerzeel that she shares with several other specialists. ​

The challenge

We have a part-time secretary working at our group practice. Because we wanted to offer our patients greater availability, also after office hours, we went in search of a solution. 

The solution

Memo helps us plan our patients’ appointments after our office hours. They also help our customers as well as possible. For example, if the situation is urgent, they put them through. They do more than just making appointments: they help people who have questions by passing them onto us.

It is important to me that operators record the appointments accurately. They need to communicate well and also consider factors beyond the schedule itself. They listen well to what people want. And they keep asking questions to make their question as specific as possible, in order to be able to give the right answer.

We have been working with Memo for 15 years. I wouldn’t call Memo a call center: it is more of a secretarial service, as it has more personal contact with people. Every practice has its own habits and approach. It is important not to do things the same way every time. Every patient who calls is unique. It is important for our sector that operators have plenty of empathy. Their value, ‘commitment’, is also applied to the full in practice.

Our patients assume that they have effectively spoken to one of our secretaries sitting in our office. They don’t notice they are being assisted from a remote location. There is a dedicated Memo team working for us: they know exactly what kind of requests come in and how they can help the patients.

The result

  • My patients are satisfied: they receive friendly assistance and all their needs are met, as far as my work schedule allows, of course.
  • They are reassured: in urgent situations, the Memo people always know what to do.