Depannage Steps
Steven Steps, Managing Director

Depannage Steps is a towing service founded more than 53 years ago, which specialises in salvaging and repatriating light and heavy vehicles. The family business is open for business all year round, 24 hours a day, in Belgium and abroad. Besides its towing service, the company also has its own workshop where it does repairs. 

The challenge

We are a family business and everyone does their bit. My mother always used to answer the phones and contact the breakdown service, even at night. For health reasons, she was no longer able to do this and we needed to find another solution. It was actually a difficult step for us to let an external company into the heart of our business. But continuing to do everything ourselves was nigh on impossible. You don’t get many calls, but you do always need to keep your phone at hand. You can’t go swimming, for example, because you might miss a call.  We used to think we would grow to a size where we could bring in a night dispatching service, but we are too small for that.

The solution

Memo has taken over the phones and ensures that requests are dealt with appropriately and completely. If an insurance company calls and asks for a standard intervention, this needs to be passed on to a driver. That’s a piece of cake. But things are more complex when a 10-tonne vehicle rolls into a ditch. You need to know what load it is carrying. The operator needs to ask questions to find out how to deal with the situation. They also dispatch calls to a duty shift and follow matters up, even if that means calling back the next day or at the weekend. Sometimes there are only two or three calls a night, but if you don’t answer them then you lose potential customers.

We have discussed various scenarios with Memo. I thought I would get a lot of telephone calls or questions about non-standard situations, but Memo has no difficulty dealing with them.

For us, getting an external company involved wasn't easy, but after a trial week we were convinced it was a good idea. We have also been to visit them to listen in on a few conversations.

I think the Memo people are very good at answering calls from our customers and potential customers with a personal touch. The operators know what they are doing and can talk about the problem. And we can easily monitor the number of calls and their duration using an app, wherever we are. 

The result

  • A personal approach to our customers, as if we were doing it ourselves
  • We don’t miss any customers, so we don’t miss out on revenue either.

Steven Steps, Depannage Steps