Robin Benett, International Service Coordinator

Damovo is an integrator of telecom solutions, formerly a division of Ericsson. It supports companies with their IT solutions and expertise, from providing advice to designing solutions, delivery, support and optimization for the entire ICT lifecycle. Damovo has offices in various European countries and provides services to its 2000 customers in more than 100 countries.  

The challenge

At Damovo, each country used to operate in a decentralised manner which meant that different solutions were used for the call centers. To optimize the quality of the services they provided and apply a standard workflow, a European tender was put out. After the selection rounds, we chose Memo for their language skills, flexibility and their desire to work with us to invest in optimization and co-development. 

The solution

When starting up with Memo, we took an intensive look at how we could integrate the first-line assistance offered by our customer care help desks in the various different countries. We came up with solutions together to be able to cooperate smoothly in terms of IT infrastructure, workflow processes and monitoring performance.

Our IT systems were integrated with Memo’s in order to give operators instant access to the information they needed about our customers, for example. We also constructed several APIs to set up internet services between the ticketing systems. 

In terms of performance, Memo has created a number of personalised reports that allow us to monitor the quality and quantity of calls in the various countries in a very transparent manner on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

As for workflow processes, Memo is helping us think the issues through: how can we include Memo completely in the ITIL framework? How can we continue to improve and shorten the workflow? Which steps can we automate to reduce overheads? On the basis of the data intelligence, we sit down with the people from Memo every three months and identify possible issues and optimizations in workflow, systems and business processes. Adjustments are discussed and implemented so that we can continue to improve our process and those of our customers.  

The people at Memo are very flexible and think things through with us. Our customers need support in different languages from a professional team. This is something we have not found anywhere else, because the quality in other countries is much lower or because organising it ourselves is not cost-efficient. The positive partnership with Memo has exceeded our expectations.

The result

  • Optimized workflows resulting in reduced support time for our customers and easier processes for our internal staff
  • Reduction of overhead costs
  • Uniform approach to the various processes in the different countries
  • Transparent monitoring of the quality of our support

Robin Benett, Damovo