The very heart of memorable customer care is embodied in all our staff

The 40 Memo employees, spread over five offices in Flanders and one in Brussels, are the real key to Memo’s strength. For General Manager Christine Vastenavondt, their commitment and contribution are crucial. This is why she believes investing in staff commitment is absolutely vital: “Our employees are flexible and work in difficult situations. For example, our call center is available around the clock. If someone doesn’t turn up for work, another employee will replace them or work longer hours. In return, we offer an open and dynamic team atmosphere and attractive benefits. We also ensure a balance between work and private life.”

We have the correct profile and appropriate team for every customer.

When we start a new partnership, we carefully select the employees who are most suitable for specific purposes. We have operators who speak three languages fluently, operators with 25 years of experience of working for doctors, operators who can stay calm in the most critical situations, and so on. Your customers will immediately realize that the person they are speaking to understands them. Because we work with self-managing teams, each team assumes final responsibility from A to Z. Every team member is motivated and committed to helping every customer get what they need.

“Sometimes I get calls from patients who are worrying more than they need to. Obviously they want an appointment as soon as possible. Thanks to my experience, I can find out whether or not their problem is urgent with a few well-directed questions. That means that I don’t disturb the doctor unnecessarily and the patient is reassured at the end of the conversation.”

Operator Thomas Pieter

Motivated staff with many years of experience

We realized early on how important our people are, so we created a culture where they can flourish. Our company values ensure that our people have a workplace where they can be themselves. Genuineness, commitment and space for the good life are important to everyone at Memo. Thus our values also ensure that we have motivated staff who have enjoyed working for us for many years.

“We decide among ourselves as a team who is going to take their lunch break when, so we stay available at all times. If someone has to go home suddenly, they can rely on a colleague being there to take over. For example, I’ve got children, and I know I can count on my younger colleagues to do extra shifts during the school holidays.”

Operator Elke

Complex procedures combined with the flexibility to work around them

Our staff are used to helping think through procedures and how to deal with different scenarios. They are experts in customer care, which is why their contribution is so important. This expertise is also put to use in making an accurate assessment of how each request should be dealt with.

“For one customer, I had to call technicians to brief them on interventions. However, we realized we often disturbed them while they were working on a job, so we suggested using text messages more. Our customer is satisfied because the interventions get done just as quickly as before, and the technicians are not as frustrated because they no longer get phone calls at inconvenient times.”

Operator Bea

The correct balance between automation and human interaction

Our state-of-the-art technologies guarantee that our customers always get the most efficient and advanced service. Many inbound calls can be processed automatically with technology, without compromising on customer satisfaction. Once again, our people make the difference because they are the ones who work with the technology. This is how we maintain the correct balance between the human contribution and efficiency.

The technology ensures that I do my work even better. Our systems make sure everything we do can be evaluated. This gives me insight into my work and where it can be improved. Our systems also enable me to process a lot more calls without losing my spontaneity.”

Operator Marcel

Complexity is only feasible after years of training

We invest constantly in training our people, whether it is in knowledge of a given sector, procedures, call handling or IT systems. This is the only way we can expect our people to be capable of coping with complex or emotional situations.

“We only start a new partnership once we have enough background information. After thorough training in the culture, working methods, IT systems, procedures and so on, we are ready to start. Thanks to all this training and years of experience, we can transition smoothly to any technology.”

Operator Nabila

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