Additional services

Once we work for you, you can benefit from our additional services that make our partnership even stronger, more transparent and – above all – more efficient.


If your administration can be dealt with remotely, we will be happy to take it from you, so that you don’t need to spend time and effort on it yourself. We adopt your way of working completely. You don’t need to call in extra people at set times, because you can count on our flexibility to do the job at the time when it is needed.

  • Updating your customer or patient database
  • Submitting Dimona declarations
  • Scanning mail
  • etc.

Personalized reports

Have a personal report drawn up that gives you greater insight into your calls and how they vary between countries or divisions. You decide the level of detail we use, because we register every second and convert it into valuable data.

As a standard part of the service, Memo gives you access to a dashboard that you can use to monitor key figures in our services and performance in a transparent manner:

  • Number of calls
  • Duration of the calls
  • Waiting times and averages

IT integration

Let us link our software to your systems so that our employees can switch smoothly to your professional software. Or have us develop an extra online service tailored to your needs, giving our operators and your staff real-time access to information. This quickens the workflow and avoids the need to enter information twice.

  • Our partnership will go much more smoothly
  • Your customers get the service they need more quickly
  • The margin of error will decrease considerably

Optimization of procedures

We analyze your processes and investigate how you can work even more efficiently. Our experience and expertise with hundreds of different companies and practices ensures that we can help you pro-actively to think through how to improve the experience for everyone.

  • Advice on using the most efficient channels at each step
  • Removal or addition of a step in a procedure
  • Improved user-friendliness for everyone who comes into contact with us 

Let us know how we can strengthen your customer care

We become a division of your company or practice and adopt your way of working.

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