Memo's values

COLOURFUL: “Memo is a collection of talents at their best”

Memo has clear expectations of its people and respects their individuality, because these are the spices that give our company its colour and dynamics.

“We can only deliver good work if our people feel well, and feel valued. This is why we take good care of our company culture, which allows people to flourish. The diversity of our people is one of the reasons why we are a strong team.”

Michael De Decker

THE GOOD LIFE: “Memo is a pleasant experience”

Business is more than profit, processes and goals. It is a fundamental part of the lives of every customer, all our employees and Memo itself.

“This is why it is important to enjoy life and aim for strict objectives and results in an elegant way. If the good life is part of business, then business becomes meaningful for everyone and everyone gets better. We ensure that Memo is a pleasant experience, both for employees and for customers.”

Christine Vastenavondt

ENTERPRISING: “Memo fulfills your first impression”

Enterprising people create connections in the relationships between businesses and their customers or suppliers, and between patients and their doctors or specialists.

“We and our employees dance between different spheres of life, always adapting in a flexible, natural way. We constantly invest in human capital to achieve that. And we also invest in new technologies and innovation to make sure our connections stay smooth in a changing world. We take the initiative to get to know our customers and fulfill their first impression.”

Ruth De Decker

COMMITMENT: “Memo ensures that you can provide the best services possible”

Memo always enters into a dialogue with your contacts. That requires empathy and commitment to what you and your customers believe is important.

“Commitment isn’t just an informal engagement for us: it is an organized business process. We might say that we are committed, but do you actually believe us? That is why we have ensured that everything we do can be measured and evaluated. We constantly adjust our processes and involve our customers in our quest for improvements. Thus our commitment enables us to provide ever-better services.”

Ruth De Decker

TRANSPARENCY: “Memo is part of your individuality”

Memo is the short-term memory of a company or medical practice. In that sense, Memo never works alone: it is among the basic services of a company or organization.

“We take transparency very seriously. Our customers know exactly what we do for them and what the results are. After all, we aim to become an extra division of their organization. We adopt their way of working and terminology, to a profound extent. That is also part of what we mean by transparency.”

Michael De Decker

GENUINENESS: “Memo is Memo, authentic and relevant”

Memo believes that an authentic attitude promotes the growth of an individual, an organization and a partnership.

“Being authentic is a question of courage. At times we point things out very directly, because we always look forward with a frank attitude. In this way, problems become opportunities and difficulties become challenges. Our employees are also given a lot of responsibility and control because we value their qualities. After all, our work is never done and we are constantly in search of room for improvement.”

Christine Vastenavondt

CLASS: “Memo provides an elegant, customized response”

Memo likes to do everything with style, class and elegance. It combines female intuition and class with entrepreneurship. That is also part of what Memo is.