24/7 virtual office that leaves you free to focus on your practice

  • Availability tailored to your needs
  • We give you peace of mind for your practice and your work as a doctor

Thanks to our 24/7 remote reception, patients who contact you always receive the professional assistance and the warm reception they need at that moment. Your patients feel that they are connected directly to your practice because we adopt your ways of working.

  • Availability 24/7 through various channels (online, e-mail, call center)
  • Teams specialized in dealing with medical questions and problems
  • Filtering urgent and less urgent requests from patients
  • Complete transparency and flexibility with our user-friendly memoweb portal
  • Planning appointments and following up on them through various channels
  • Creation and management of your website 

‘Friendly and professional approach: 1/3 of the calls (questions unrelated to on-call service) are filtered out, which means less stress, a quieter on-call shift and a better night’s sleep for our members. It is absolutely worth the investment.’

Johan Brusseleers - Chairman
More than

years of experience with medical receptionist services

  • Empathic operators with the ability to put themselves in your patients’ shoes
  • Integrated with your ways of working
  • Thorough knowledge of medical terminology and how your practice works

How do we start working together?

  • 1


    One of our staff visits you in person to draw up personalized work instructions and procedures.

  • 2


    Memo matches the operator’s profile to your needs and selects the team that best suits your profession and way of working.

  • 3


    The allocated operators receive thorough training in your ways of working, your systems and your culture.

  • 4


    We set up your online memoweb account so that you have a dashboard that can be accessed via a browser or our app. This enables you to monitor all calls and processing in a transparent, interactive manner and to give immediate feedback.

Let us know how we can strengthen your patient reception

We are not an answering machine, but rather an extension of your practice. Our people speak your language and understand your patients. You can concentrate on your medical profession, while we give you peace of mind about your practice.

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