24/7 call center that enables you to meet all the legal requirements
for consumer protection

  • 24/7 cover for your compulsory consumer service
  • Appropriate, professional availability in line with the legal obligations

Being obliged to offer 24/7 customer service does not mean you have to provide it internally. Our call center keeps your company available around the clock for questions and complaints. Rest assured: we always listen to your customers and give them a clear answer, whenever they call.

  • 24/7 call center availability
  • 100% compliance while your internal departments focus on their core activities
  • We deal with all your incoming requests in their entirety, according to your needs, making sure that everything goes without the slightest hitch
  • Complete transparency and flexibility with our user-friendly memoweb portal

‘There is a consumer number for our baby food line Novalac that mothers can always call with any questions they may have. To guarantee 24/7 coverage and professional, consistent recording of all incoming calls, we use Memo. They know all the ingredient lists, changes and possible side effects of the products and reassure parents with the right information.’

Lieven Huysse - Medical Director EMEA
More than

years of experience in consumer protection

  • Experience with complex requests and problems in many industries
  • Dedicated operators who have experience and expertise in consumer protection
  • Professional approach on every channel your customers use to contact you
  • Advice on how to optimize your processes 

How do we become a partner with your company?

  • 1


    One of our staff visits you in person to draw up personalized work instructions and procedures.

  • 2


    Memo matches the operator’s profile to your needs and selects the team that best suits your industry and way of working.

  • 3


    The allocated operators receive thorough training in your ways of working, your systems and your culture.

  • 4


    We set up your online memoweb account so that you have a dashboard you can access via a browser or our app. This enables you to monitor all calls and processing in a transparent, interactive manner and to give immediate feedback.

Let us know how we can help you meet your legal obligations

You do what you do best, secure in the knowledge that you are fully meeting your legal obligations in terms of consumer protection.

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