Happy employees make happy entrepreneurs

What is the force behind Memo? Our staff!

Basic services

Memo provides basic services that your in-house staff can’t cover. Our customers? Over three hundred companies, freelancers, organisations and professionals. Around the clock, seven days a week, we handle complaints, orders, technical support, schedule management or duty services for them. In addition, we can provide reception staff as well as having developed an online booking system for doctor's appointments.


Memo's 40 staff, working from five offices across Flanders and one office in Brussels, are the real force behind the company. Manager Christine Vastenavondt knows that their commitment and contribution is crucial, so she sees investing in staff commitment as an obvious step: "Our employees are flexible and they work in difficult situations. For example, our telephone service works around the clock. What if someone doesn't show up? Then another employee has to replace them or work for longer. In exchange we offer open and dynamic team work and attractive benefits and ensure that the work/life balance can be maintained in a flexible way.”

But job satisfaction is about a lot more than just salary. It goes hand in hand with the quality of the work and the way in which we cooperate and relate to each other. Memo employees can count on continuous training and coaching. Thanks to Memo's open consultation culture, their commitment is constantly stimulated.

In order to support this stimulating working culture still further, and to create an innovative work organisation, Memo has set up a 'Workplace Partnership', a project supported by the European Social Fund. For guidance in its HR management, Memo uses the services of Arteria.


Another of Memo's major advantages is the use of IT throughout the process. Memo is constantly investing in new technology. Christine Vastenavondt: "Together with intensive training for our staff, this effort and investment means that we can provide a top-quality professional service." State-of-the-art technology ensures that Memo can always offer its customers the most advanced services.


Not only does Memo have a commitment to making sure that it has happy employees, but it also works towards creating a better world. As a socially responsible company, Memo supports various charity projects, both in Belgium and in the third world.
For example, Memo supports the 'Mutualidad Nuevo Amanecer’ (New Dawn Health Insurance Fund) project. Volunteers from Koekelare (Flanders) selflessly give their time to offer children medical care in remote areas of Guatemala.


Memo is the leading Belgian player in its niche market, but it also has European ambitions. Our focus?

  • Inbound contact centre activities, specialising in calls with high complexity and lower frequency
  • Excellent quality, with customer satisfaction as the top priority
  • Complete transparency for everyone involved in the organisation: customers, suppliers, staff, backers, shareholders and government bodies

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